Monday, August 12, 2019

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Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims march during an annual parade marking al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) in Baghdad, Iraq May 31, 2019
Opinion || Inside Hezbollah's American Sleeper Cells: Waiting for Iran's Signal to Strike U.S. and Israeli Targets
Matthew Levitt | 07.08.2019
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman watch a video showing the launch of the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile during a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. July 28 2019
Opinion || Arrow 3 Missile Test Ties Israel's Hands on Striking Iran - Just as Trump Intended
Azriel Bermant | 03.08.2019
Popular graphic on social media showing Iranian Supreme Leader Khameini's explicit support for the Kashmir 'resistance' against Indian control
Opinion || Iran and Saudi Arabia's Proxy Wars Have a New Battlefield: Indian-controlled Kashmir
Abhinav Pandya | 05.08.2019
Cars drive on a highway as a train enters a station in Tel Aviv, Israel November 25, 2018.
Opinion || Man Murdered Over Parking Shows Israel's Overcrowding Is Turning Deadly
Sami Peretz | 01.08.2019
U.S. President Donald Trump claps a hand on Senator Rand Paul's shoulder at a signing in the White House, Washington, DC. February 16, 2017
Opinion || On Iran, Trump Is Shoving Israel Out Into the Cold
Jonathan S. Tobin | 31.07.2019
Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Bill Clinton during the signing of the Oslo Accords, September 13, 1993.
Opinion || Israeli Geniuses, Palestinian Naifs
Amira Hass | 06.08.2019
Mourners gathering for a vigil at the scene of a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, August 4, 2019.
Opinion || As an American I Feel Safer in Jerusalem Than El Paso
Patty Nieberg | 05.08.2019
 A Palestinian protester waves the national flag at an Israeli border guard at a protest against Israel's demolition of buildings in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher (in background). July 26, 2019
Opinion || America Joins Israel's Campaign to Smear and Silence Palestinians
Salem Barahmeh | 31.07.2019
Israelis celebrating Independence Day, Tel Aviv, May 11, 2019.
Opinion || Israel Is a One-party State
Gideon Levy | 01.08.2019 - הארץ
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Friday, August 9, 2019

"A Deli Counter in Vermont" by Stephanie Burt

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August 9, 2019

A Deli Counter in Vermont

Stephanie Burt
Burt reads "At a Deli Counter in Vermont."

About This Poem

"It happened exactly as the poem says. I was delighted by what for most people would have been an awkward consumer interaction, because a stranger had seen me in a literally unflattering light, and heard my voice, and still saw me as a woman. For binary trans people like me, that's huge. Our sense of self-worth and well-being can depend on whether the people around us reinforce, or deny, our inner sense of who we are. As for the lines, they're vaguely Anglo-Saxon, with midline breaks. I think I learned to do that sort of thing (if I did learn it) from Forrest Gander, though there are other examples, among them Carter Revard!"
Stephanie Burt

Stephanie Burt is the author of several books, including Advice from the Lights (Graywolf, 2017). She is a professor of English at Harvard University and lives in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Photo Credit: Jessica Bennett

Poetry by Burt

(Graywolf Press, 2017)

"Epithalamion" by Rickey Laurentiis


"Blue" by May Swenson


from "feeld" by Jos Charles


August Guest Editor: Ruth Ellen Kocher

Thanks to Ruth Ellen Kocher, author of Third Voice (Tupelo Press, 2016), who curated Poem-a-Day for this month's weekdays. Read a Q&A with Kocher about her curatorial approach this month and find out more about our guest editors for the year.
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